Safir Kimya was founded in 2002, started with its major activity in textile chemicals at the beginning. In following years, Safir has expanded its product range as well as started performing services in other sectors. Safir managed to grow and become one of the leading companies by means of its large production facility, flexible and responsive management and innovative products.

Safir which have well educated staff and quality production standards, succeed to combine fast logistic and technical service facilities with environmentalist approach.

Our production development department continues to introduce new products that responds to the need of fast-changing market with its innovative aspect.


Its big and special molecular structure give us a different touch effect and also a homogeneous feel because of its penetrating capability.

By-Pass Kasar

All the sizing agent in woven fabrics; Polyvinyl alcohol, polyacrylate, polyester, starch and starch ethers are completely removed from the fabric without enzymes in one step during pre-treatment.